The life of an independent artist is one of passion and uncertainty. It is a life that only exists in the eyes and ears of those who support it. All my music and everything I do as an artist is out there for you to experience for free. It will continue to be this way always.

That being said, it does take an incredible amount of time, energy, hard work and, well, money to continue not only making the music but also running the business side of it- all of which I do on my own, powered by my daytime job as a nanny.

If you like what I do and wish to support me in creating more music, playing more shows (possibly in your city!), making music videos and other cool stuff- consider becoming a Patreon!

Above all, Patreon or not, please know that you are the reason I do all of this, my friend. You are the source that gives me life and the power that moves me. Thank you for being!



P.S. If you do want me to come play in your city- please let me know by clicking on the ‘ASK TO PLAY IN YOUR CITY’ button on the LIVE SHOWS section of this website.